The easiest way to setup a Raspberry Pi


Allows easy customisation of a standard Raspbian image.

Configure your Raspberry Pi to connect to your WiFi network as soon as it switches on for the very first time.

Automatically install a VNC server on your Pi the first time it boots up - so you can connect straight to it and start hacking.

Contribute your own blocks which can perform scripts and tasks, automating your Raspbery Pi's setup.

Compatibility with both Windows and Mac - with Linux support coming soon - means that the same tool can be used by everyone.

Install programs, such as Apache and PHP on your Raspberry Pi the first time it boots up.

Once you've written your perfect Raspbian to an SD card, you can easily change it by reconnecting it to your computer. PiBakery will automatically detect this, and enable you to add, edit and remove scripts that you've previously added.

Every time a new version of Raspbian is released, you'll have the option to download it so you can stay up to date.

All the blocks and setup tasks are stored centrally on GitHub, meaning that every time someone contributes a new block, everyone can benefit immediately from that change.